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I believe that Jacob has always been a distant, rather inaccessible spiritual leader to The Others. He seems to do all of his communicating through Richard and through little pieces of paper.

Pitiful when Ben admits that he never had a sit-down with Jacob. All those years he believed he was doing Jacob's bidding, but how did he really know this was true? He only had Richard's word for it.

Telling a young Widmore, then leader of the Others, that it was Jacob's will Baby Alex lives, was a bold move. And did Widmore disagree, say something like: Are you kidding? I know Jacob and Jacob would never say such a thing.

Heck no. Widmore didn't argue at all. He shut up. He really had no idea what Jacob was likely to say and he was afraid to reveal his ignorance.

My theory is this: Being a leader of The Others doesn't mean you get an audience with Jacob. I don't think Widmore ever met Jacob. I don't think Eloise ever did, either. Both Widmore and Eloise seem very much in the dark as to what Jacob wants or doesn't want. They, like Ben, rely on Richard to tell them what's up. None of the Others, as MIB points out to them on the beach before marching off to the statue, have ever seen Jacob.

Maybe none of the Others ever demanded to see Jacob as Fake Locke did. Richard was very good at putting Ben off. He tried to put off Flocke, too.

Jacob saying to Ben "What about you?" is really just a question. Ben's ego is writhing in pain. He feels snubbed, ill-treated. And Jacob doesn't act guilty at all.

I think being The Leader of the Others is an empty title. I'm not sure why, but it seems to be true.

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