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This is my first time posting here but just thought with this being the last season this may be my last chance to get involved so here I go...

Just a thought but what if smokey actually wasn't a man originally but in fact a woman, and even more specific if she was Eve that the Losties found back in season one. Flocke had told Sawyer that "he" had once been a person too and had felt love and betrayal. What if the original person that Flocke was had been a woman living on the island to be with Jacob the man she had loved, but found out Jacob was manipulating her because she too was a candidate (as he seems to be doing to most of the other candidates). When she learned of this betrayal she attempted to destroy the one thing he loved, the island, and for doing so she was in a sense killed, but instead of being aloud to leave she was trapped in the form of the smoke monster (and of course as we learned she is able to take the shape of others). The only way for her to be "free" of this punishment would be for the island to be destroyed, and the only way to do so is to kill Jacob and make sure there is no other person ali! ve that is able to take his place...

Which leads to her intentions. In order for her to be free she must kill both Jacob and all of the candidates, but she must do so indirectly; either have another person do it to them or by having them do it to themselves. She has already accomplished her goal of killing Jacob by manipulating Ben to do so, and is now attempting to either indirectly kill the candidates or convince them to join her side of letting the island be destroyed, and has been doing so since they all first arrived on the island (I believe it was the smoke monster who took the form of Hurleys "friend" Dave in season two and almost convinced him to jump to his death seeing as he is a candidate).

Oh and on a side note: I think it is Claire who's name was on the wall and not Aaron. I don't think he is as special as everyone thought. After watching last weeks episode, in the alternate time line Ethan told Claire he could give her an injection to prevent the labor if she wanted. This is why i think the others took Claire back in season one and injected her with needles. Since woman died during child birth Jacob informed them that they must prevent Claire from giving birth as long as possible because she was a candidate and may die during the birth.

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