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- Jacob is someone living in the ALT Timeline we're watching in Season 6

- As hinted by the producers, the numbers (the 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 variables) represent certain characters of the show. In the ALT timeline, we will come to learn how some of the characters represent a variable, and how it leads to the end of the world (If you don't understand this, look up Lost's Valenzetti Equation.)

- Jacob and Aaron (In the ALT Timeline) may work for the Dharma Initiative, trying to discover how to prevent the destruction of the world, brought about by this select group of people.

- Jacob and Aaron (Aaron growing up to be the Man in Black), go back in time to fix the future. In order to do this, they must assemble the people assigned to each of the variables and place them on the Island, to determine whether they are indeed the variables, and to keep them away from the real world to prevent them from setting off the apocalypse.

- They keep trying to bring people to the Island, thinking they are the Variables, but it always ends up in the world ending, so they start over again, selecting a new group of people.

- "They come, they fight, they corrupt, they destroy, it always ends the same." -> It always ends with the world ending, and Aaron is tired of trying to prevent it

Additional scenario to add to the above theory = Jacob is Jack and Kate's child in the ALT timeline, and a side purpose of his going back in time is to fix the problems his parents and their friends' had in their lives.

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