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"The numbers just don't add up" - a pun, obviously not addition...

What is the significance of the numbers being announced (heard by Lapidus when crash landing Ajira 316 on the island) by a different voice than the original Losties heard?

We know that Danielle used the radio tower to transmit her distress call. She had changed it from the 'original' transmission.

My point is that early on is Season 6 we see that the numbers correspond to people. While we still haven't 100% confirmed the people (i.e. is 'Shepard' Jack, his father, or son?), I'm feeling either LOST, confused, or sincerely disappointed.

What about the Valenzetti Equation?

Here's some evidence or 'food for thought' on why I think that either there is further meaning to the numbers, or the writing/general concern for how the show actually wraps us has entirely hit the $hits:

Are we to accept and believe that Leonard Simms originally heard the numbers while serving the military, only so that Hurley could learn the numbers from Leonard while they spent time together in the mental institution, so Hurley would learn use the numbers to play the lottery, and have his bad luck bring him to the island? All that when in later seasons it only takes a nudge (touch) and suggestion from a stranger in a cab (Jacob) to get him to the island?

We have seen the numbers over and over again and I think there MUST be more to them then "oh look - the mystery of the numbers is solved - they are randomly assigned to people we have seen on the show" -

Why would they even be broadcast from the radio tower? Is someone going to suggest that the original voice of the numbers is Jacob just so that Leonard could hear them…etc., etc? Because that seems kind of lame.

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