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Since the airing of LA X, I have been reading most of the new theories submitted on this site, and forgive me if I am wrong, but I don't recall reading to much from anyone about where the Christians coffin and Locke's knifes go? This is my 1st theory post and I think I have a good idea.

The reason why they were "lost" is because well, they never were their in Australia in the 1st place. It's pretty safe to say whatever created this scenario (815 not crashing) could very well have changed other things as well. Proof is that 1. Shannon's not on the plane 2. Hurley's lucky 3. Sawyer seems to care more I guess (warning Hurley about telling people he won the lottery and not ratting Kate out to the security when he sees her cuffs) 4. Desmond appears on the plane and ETC ETC. Minor differences but still different. So, if things like that change then maybe other things changed as well, causing Christian to not die, and John to not even bring a case full of knifes with to Australia. Now, let's assume the flash-sideways start when Jack is looking out the window. I'm thinking just because things have changed doesn't change the fact that their minds would still be in the same mind set as before the 1st pilot episode plane crash. Jack thinks his dad is dead and John thi! nks he has his knifes with. But that isn't the case this time around because things changed. Christian never dies because of what changed, John doesn't bring the knifes with because of what changed but John and Jack still remember what happened previously, their just unaware of things changing.

Now the argument to my own theory. If what I said is remotely true then why isn't it the same for Hurley and the rest of the clan. Boone should be like "Where the hell is my sister? I picked her up in Australia." And Hurley would still think he is cursed and all that other good stuff, if they still had their PILOT memories before the crash. My only idea is that the other characters "changes" aren't significant enough to the end game of LOST to where John and Jack are pretty much the most significant characters on the show. To end my theory I also think that the flash-sideways is not a product of the bomb exploding but a product of what is going on on the island right now in season 6. The writers want us to think its a alternate time-line (what would have happened), but as other theory posters have said "who cares what could or would have happened."

I think it is what does happen, because of whats happening now (2007 island time presumably). As other people have pointed out, things seem to be going a little bit better for a few of the characters. Would it be uncommon for a show that has constantly been filled with not so happy endings to end on a good note??? Who knows.

Thanks for reading. Let the theory bashing begin.

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