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First, let me remind you that Damon and Carton proclaimed that Myst game serial was always one of the biggest inspiration for Lost. The original Myst game follows player on the mysterious Island full of strange machines and complicated riddles based on those machines. Player can time-travel and find more machines and riddles in different times and eras.

Sounds very much as Lost, eh?

So far, from all Lost iconic locations we had the Hatch, where we had Desmond (or Myst adventure player) pushing a mysterious button trying to save world every 108 seconds. The Hatch apparently build Dharma Initiative, to be some kind of test, but it is obvious it had lot more into it because Desmond not pushing the button caused fligth 815 to crash.

From the last episode, we know about existence of yet another Myst-like contraption built on Island, so called Lighthouse, but much older than the Hatch. Who build Lighthouse it is so far unknown, but Dharma isn't, for sure. It way older. But, if it origin changed, does it meaning? Is Lighthouse some kind of experiment played on another generation of Losties, represented by Jacob himself? And history is just repeating, nothing else?

Lighthouse pointed Jacob to the candidates, the game Lighthouse playing is way much complicated that pushing one button, but what MiB is right and Jacob role on the Island has no real purpose at all, just game played by Lighthouse constructors as Dharma played on Desmond and Losties?

It is obvious that button is preventing some enormous power from being loose, that plane crashed from that power and what knows else happened. Lighthouse also worked, showed some far away places and people living there. But, can it also just be experiment with human will and strength of that will.

Could ultimate game of Lost is to be just Myst-like game, an experiment?

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