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So, this is not a comprehensive theory, and this is my first time posting here. I'm still thinking it through. I know everyone says that, sorry.

So far in s6, we've seen two timelines. The first one picks up where the explosion left off--the second, picks up as though the plane never crashed. We've been assuming that the second timeline, the "flash-sideways" was activated at the same time as the bomb, in fact, because of it. I'm beginning to think that might not be the case.

In the ALT timeline, we've seen a few people's stories begin to play out:

Locke--still wheelchair bound, but engaged to the woman he loves, reconciled with dad, & on his way to finding a more fulfilling job. Overall, things are going well for him.

Hurley--still wealthy because of lottery win, but considers himself lucky instead of cursed, and uses his influence to help those in need.

Jack--still divorced/estranged & grieving his father, but no longer an alcoholic, and with a son whom he is building a better relationship than he had with his father.

Kate--still a fugitive on the lam, but takes time to help Claire and encourages her to keep the baby.

These are all fairly positive stories, though Kate's hasn't played out yet, it still ties in with her island goal of reuniting Claire with Aaron.

We've seen other people in the alt timeline, but with little indication of how their story is going:

Sawyer--runs into Kate on the elevator, but neither helps or hinders her.

Ben--a teacher at Locke's new school job.

Dogen--a parent of a musical child, like Jack.

Ethan--a doctor attending Claire.

Sayid--on the plane.

Boone--on the plane, without Shannon.

Desmond--on the plane, briefly, wearing a wedding ring, then disappears.

Rose & Bernard--Rose is still sick, but has a job working for Hurley, and is sill with Bernard.

Charlie--still a druggie, saved by Jack, but taken into custody.

Sun & Jin--stopped by airport security & detained because Sun wouldn't admit to speaking English to explain the situation. Jin seems as angry and possessive as he did in s1.

So far, no Miles, Juliet, Richard, Walt, Michael, Libby, Ana Lucia, Lapidus, Charlotte, Faraday, Widmore, Penny, or Shannon.

(Did I miss anyone important?)

My theory is this: perhaps the quality of a person's alt timeline life is dependent on choices that are currently being made, and choices yet to come.

Two of the more satisfying changes are in Jack & Hurley's stories, both of whom are currently the closest to Jacob. (Locke also has a good end, but Locke is dead on the island.)

I think the reset is yet to come, and our losties will have to make a choice of who they trust. Those who make the better choice have a better alt future, and they'll all be picking up where they left off, on the plane, with only trace memories of their time on the island.

Therefore the rest of the season will be about who is on what side, and what becomes of them after they've made their choice. At the very end, Jacob or Smokey or someone will turn the FDW or something like hat, and our losties will be where they were before they came to the island, only a little worse for wear (ie, Jack's scars).

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