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Hello again,

After watching last nights episode "What Kate Does" not to be confused with season 2 episode 2 "What Kate Did" There where a few things I noticed and wanted to point out and get everyones option.

In Last years season finale we see Jacob touching the losties at some point in their lives. I believe Jacob touching as the writers said is important. Whether or not it was to save the losties and have them travel to 1977 or place a piece of Jacob in them. Who knows this could be another always dodged lost mystery.

I believe though that his touch made some impact on the losties in their flash sideways selfs. Each touch from our losties to another shows a small hint of " I remember you" Or "maybe i remember something you don't" deja vu moments for example:

Jack has touched:

Desmond - Jack looks at Des and knows him some how. Jake and Des shake hands.

Charlie- Jack saves Charlie by stuffing his fingers down Charlie's throat to dislodge the bag of heroine. Charlies reaction is you shouldn't have done that "I was suppose to die". Almost like how he came to terms that he was suppose to die after Des kept trying to save him. Does Charlie know something already. Did Des already or has been trying to save Charlie?

Syid- Jack and Syid shake hands after saving charlie. Both have that look of "nice seeing you again buddy."

Kate- Jack and Kate bump into each other on the plane have a look of " hey long time no see " with the im still into you sexual tension

Locke- Jack and Locke have a somewhat of a faith conversation again and Jake shakes Lockes hand. side note i believe we will see John and Jake again, with Jake performing spinal surgery on John.

Ok Heres Kate:

Kate has touched (aside from Jack on the plane): Forgive me but I will have to re-watch to make sure but I do believe she did touch these people.

Hurley- in the cab line

Frogart- in the cab line, Don't think this ones important just a nod from the writers for a wacky side character

Swayer- in the elevator

She sees jake and has a moment of " I remember" but there is no touch.

Claire- in the cab and in the hospital

I want to point out The Claire touch for a moment

Kate when seeing Claires picture in the auto shop looks at herself in the mirror. Her look is a look of what have i done, but at the same time is like "I remember Claire her baby and Arron."

Again at the Hospital: HERES THE BIG ONE

When Claire is at the hospital ethan is helping her. The baby isnt moving. She then screams is Arron ok! Then the baby starts to be ok again. We then see Kate holding Claires hand with a look of "I remember" on her face. Did this touch make arron ok again. Similar to Jacob touching Locke and what appeared to make him ok again after falling out a window??

Are these touches from the losties to help new players that have died or gone missing come back to where our current losties are now? Or has this crazy time loop begun again and its our losties and not jacob and MIB trying to get the players to the island and have yet to realize it.
I feel like the Losties in the flash sideways will all have a oh shit moment and remember everything.

Here is the second thing I wanted to touch on

Claires "is arron ok!" statement reminds me of john lockes mother screaming out "name him John!" Almost as if something else is telling them what to name them.

Could we possibly see what it took for smokey/MIB/Flocke to get to the loop hole? Could it involve meeting with Lockes mother and her crazy story of immaculate conception be somewhat true? Could Jacob have done the loop hole with Arron??

Well there's my jumbled mess of thoughts via poor grammar and run sentences. Please feel free to give me your opinion rip apart my thoughts. Every things welcome. Thanks for reading


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