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MIB Good and Jacob Bad? by ccmillwork

We just may have it all wrong. What if Jacob is the evil one and the MIB is the good one. Think about it for awhile, Who has the smoke monster killed? He has killed bad guys like the men from the boat that killed Ben's daughter. The smoke monster also has judged people and has not harmed them because I believe they have good inside of them. Jacob on the other hand,, what has he done? He led the "OTHERS", and what did they do? They attacked and killed the Darama group through the purge. They have killed the innocent, the have lied and been deceitful. The people that the smoke monster (MIB) have had a influence on has been pure people. Clare is a sweet person, she was not "infected" by evil. Jacks dad, a man who was wanting forgiveness and looking for redemption, and Locke. Locke was a honest man who gave up his kidney to his father. All he wanted was love from his father. He was a kind and honest man! that Jacob tried to manipulate. Once he was taken over by the MIB he had direction and purpose. He "MIB" stated that all he wanted to do was go home. Does that sound like a person that is driven by evil. Look at Sayid, when he was tortured that was not the Sayid that we have known in the past. The old Sayid would have taken the torture and then plotted to kill all of them. I believe that Sayid is being influenced by the MIB. He had sadness in his eyes, he was hurt and took it. He told Jack that he would take the pill if Jack wanted him to, that was trust. Sayid has never trusted anyone other than himself. Sayid is definitely a different person, but one that is a positive influence. We my have had good and evil all wrong. Jacob has used people and has been almost evil at times while leading the "Others" . While MIB "the smoke monster" wants to go home and has influenced only pure at heart people and has killed the dangerous people. Just a theory but one to thi! nk about.

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