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The Others seem to think that the infection can't be resisted and that it makes people completely animalistic, but with Danielle, we saw that's not entirely true. Certainly we saw her ruthlessness, especially in her early relationship with Sayid. But we also saw her begin to form alliances with the flight 815 folks, help them out, warn them about the black smoke monster, and eventually spend some time working with them to get her daughter back, who she then dies trying to rescue from the fake-Dharma folks. With Danielle, then, the infection makes her totally awesome and able to survive on her own in somewhat ruthless ways. But it doesn’t make her incapable of relationships and forming bonds with others. Perhaps the Others only think the infection animalizes a human because they refused to treat Danielle as anything other than an animal?

And so we've seen Danielle and Claire now get 'infected' and become ruthless and super self-sufficient, but we've also seen them care for others - Danielle for our 815 friends and Alex and Claire now registering a glimmer of recognition of Jin while perhaps saving him. The connection between Danielle and Claire of course is that they both got infected while pregnant.

We might also note, then, that if the infection makes its pregnant host totally self-sufficient, awesome and ruthless, that’s exactly what happened to Sun after she left the island and gave birth…so I’m wondering also if there’s some connection there too? I think maybe Sun leaves the island infected in a way that makes her ruthless back in the real world.

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