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Charlie was claimed! by tdlost

If you go back to the season one episode "All the best cowboys have daddy issues" and look at the way that Charlie was saved it was almost exactly like the things that happened to Sayid in the Temple. When Jack and Kate find Charlie he was hung into the air, so he would not be on the ground, and no one could claim him. At this point I think he is already dead.

Then Jack cut him down and tried to revive him, only to have Kate push him away like she does when he is trying to save Sayid. Look at the simalarities in the Kate and Jack characters in the scenes. Finally he popped back to life. Once on the ground, unburied, he possibly becomes infected. Through out the rest of the episode he is shaken, much like Sayid in "What Kate Does"

If you take it a little further you can look at how things play out for Charlie, and how they might play out for Sayid. After revived the island then tried to kill Charlie multiple times, but only through Desmond was he kept alive. Possibly the same thing is happening with Sayid and Jack. If we are assuming that there are two sides here, which ever side did not claim Charlie was trying to kill him, and Desmond is working with the other side to keep Charlie alive long enough for him to get down underwater and in the end choose how he wants to die. Also since when Charlie finally died it was his own choice (to save Clarie and therefore Aaron) we can probably assume he was on team Jacob. This could be hinted at by how Charlie changed his “FATE” to “LATE” on his knuckles.


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