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It has been argued that the show is about philosophy, physics, history, and perhaps even psychology/ anthropology. Lost's characters have names like Sawyer, Boone, Locke, Rousseau, Hume, Juliet Burke (two in one good job guys), Cortez, Faraday, and Jeremy Bentham. Many of these names are in reference to philosophers (in fact they are political philosophers), and many of the stories have to do with a group of people's relation when taken out of their normal environment.

Through out the show (history as well) we have seen this theme of a rise to dominance through force. This has been the nature of warfare since the beginning of human civilization. Even the "others" seem to be masters of this trade. Hannah Ardent argued that with the onset of the cold war the nature or purpose of war had changed. With the idea that we could eliminate the entire world with the push of a button traditional war lost its relevance! . Therefore, if violent conflict/confrontations, following destiny, or even returning to normalcy is a sufficient answer for our Losties then what will be. Even better what are sufficient answers for us the viewers. I have said before that we can not simply extract conflict from life nor can we ignore need or desire to find our own utopia. I think that may be why our Losties are continually doing it their own way. Faraday did say that they are the variables. I think that as the show goes along we will all learn something about politics on the microcosmic level. That is that governments are not armed with superior wit rather they are armed with superior force. I think that our losties and each of their unique personalities will be the victors of this war that is coming. At what cost I am not sure. Thus, making the arguement that this is a battle of good vs. evil almost irrelevant. In the end we are all a bit of both.
"We are all implicated on the slaughter bench of history" Hegel

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