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Free from Time and Space by Dislodgedintime

This theory is built upon the already mentioned theory that the scenes where they pass over the island, which is under the water are in fact the true "reset" if you will.

I beleive that whatever the Losties are doing on-island will lead to them creating the versions of them that does not crash on the island. And they will also manipulate events to "free" themselves of the past.

For instance.

Jack - Was deranged about his father and getting it done with. His on-island adventures will ultamately lead to him having his fathers coffin disappear and free the other version of him.

Locke - His knives are missing. I believe the biggest con that we were seen on LOST is that John Locke was meant to be a hunter. In some fashion an on-island event will see that the knives disappear and free the new version of Locke from this misbelief of being a hunter.

Kate - Kate always carried a small silver plane, even robed a bank to get it. This reminded her and US that she was good hearted underneath and inspried her to always run. An online event will lead this silver plane to disappear and the new version of Kate will not be a "runner".

Sawyer - His note always led him on a path of vengeance. An on island event will have the note disappear and free the new version of Sawyer from this vengeance path.

Hurley - He always believed he was cursed. An on-island event will come to his new version to realize the numbers are just that..numbers, this will free him of his burden.

Sayid - Sayid lost the one he loves (Nadia) after he already left the island and in some weird way an on island event will make it so he never finds Nadia again, thus freeing him from that pain of losing his true love.

1 - Notice how these are the people that Jacob touched.

2- These new versions of themselves will be free of the hindering events or objects that I mentioned above.

3 - The events on island were after all, a place to repent
and this repentence allows them to be "free" from those "burdens" as mentioned above.

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