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Just a shot in the dark here but after watching The Substitute I noticed two important things. The first is that all of the names that were listed with numbers were males if you count Kwon as Jin and not Sun. Another thing that is very possible is that Kate is not listed as Austen. I believe that Kate is listed down as either Ford or Sawyer.

It could very well be that since Jacob is a male himself that only a male can succeed him. Also, just totally hypothesizing here. but do the numbers represent a ranking system for the probability of each character taking over for Jacob kind of like a Mel Kiper like draft board deal? If you look at the characters from the lowest to the highest it seems like individuals like Locke and Hugo share more traits similar to Jacob than some of the others with higher numbers. Looking at it this way raises two important questions- how many candidates were there and who were the three candidates higher on the list than Locke?

In regards to my second point, this could be either looking into the future or into the past. If Jacob were able to know the future to a certain extent he would know that Sawyer/Kate or Jack/Kate get together and marry thus Austen would be down under Ford or Shephard. Otherwise it could be possible that Kate is listed under Shephard from the time off-island when the two were married together.

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