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I was on the forums and joked that since it now seems like Richard Alert doesn't know himself what's' going on that at this rate maybe even Jacob doesn't know what's going on either...and then I thought could it be that Jacob really is not the all mighty one either?

In the bible We have God, and he tells Jacob what to do (well as far as I remember) We also even have Esau who is Jacob's twin brother, who in LOST could be represented by MIB.

So could it be possible that Jacob himself really was brought to the island himself? Chosen like God chose Jacob? Maybe MIB was chosen as well. this would totally makes sense since MIB wants to go home. Its not that hard to imagine someone (maybe Egyptian, maybe even an Egyptian God....like Taweret) brought Jacob and MIB to be the protectors of the island, this job is theirs for all of eternity until they find a new candidate.... If MIB kills Jacob (through a loophole) MIB breaks the rules and can go home finally.

Maybe the little blond kid was a higher entity, the 3rd force or the GOD force of the island itself. Like in the bible, God, Jacob and Esau. Maybe Jacob isn't really dead and Whatever the kid was, was appearing as a young Jacob to remind MIB that he knows the rules and can't never really kill Jacob. Only semi proof that Jacob is not completely dead is that he did appear to Hurley and was able to still tell him what to do.

But back on track. We have always heard, "the island wants this", "the island told me" "the island choose us"...could it be totally possible that the island really has an identity? Jacob is only the prophet of the island but not the island himself. The island is (for a lack of a better term) a GOD"

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