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The story of Desmond and Kelvin in the hatch is a Midrash of the story between Jacob ( who ever you are!…. Able… Jacob … cherubim guarding eden) and Not locke ( Cain .. satan …who knows) . Kelvin does not want his fate and is seeking a substitute , unaware Desmond ….. the joke – what does one snowman say to the other….. what lies in the shadow of the staute…..

Lost is full of stories that are repetitions of other stories that tell of one central idea or message – in the case two people who have a role that they both need to fulfil and one who wants out of the role. Kelvin wants out of pushing the button, and just like not Locke he wants off the island – he struggles with the three question , do something , do nothing and see what happens or leave. We know that not doing his role will have consequences …. The plane will crash …. so leaving the island we can assume must result in some consequence …. tipping the balance between good and evil?…. letting man kind back onto the island – could this be like people getting back to Eden – we know that’s not meant to happen .

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