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Welcome to The Game by Wirah

'The Game' is a simple concept but played on a large scale.

Here are the key points:

Welcome. You 2 are about to enter into a very unique game. Welcome to the island. This will be your playing field.

The island must have a leader that fits the specification perfectly. Whoever finds a perfect candidate for this role is deemed the winner of the game.

This is a game of 2 sides. One is light, one is dark. This does not necessarily mean one of you is 'good' and one of you is 'evil' - it just represents the fact that you are opposing each other and fighting to win the game.

You are trapped here until one of you finds a suitable candidate to act as the island's leader.

The leader must fit the following criteria
i) must not be bound by any emotion/event that occured off island.
ii) must be willing to COMMIT to the island. they must not fear sacrifice if it is in the best intentions of the island.
iii) must seemingly have a communion with this island. this makes them very special.

This game has no time limit. You may be on this island for a long time during its course.

You can bring people to the island. You do this by appearing to them during their past. Use the wheel provided to temporarily access the outside world. Once you touch them they will be drawn to the island - I [destiny] will handle this.

Candidates may die. When they do - they can be claimed (if the bodies are not buried) and used to influence the outcome of the game. Feel free to take charge of bodies on the island and interract with other people in order to manipulate their choices and secure your triumph.

You may need to move around the playing field quickly. To do this, you have the ability to appear as a pillar of smoke. One side will be black smoke, one side will be white smoke. Note: For redundant candidates that do not fit the criteria you may find it easier to remove them from game (death) while in your smoke form. You are very powerful in this form.

While in your smoke form you have the ability to look into the soul, the spiritual core of an individual, access their memories etc. It is down to you to judge and analyse their past and decide whether they are suitable as a candidate.

Once a candidate is deemed unacceptable they can either be simply left to live on the island [the others] or killed and removed from the game. You are not bound to emotion while the game is in progress, your sole goal is to win and leave the island.

You are seemingly invincible. You can withstand physical damage. You can not kill the other player.

You are able to choose one advisor to assist you throughout this battle. You are able to grant this individual long life, as I said, this game may take a while.

You can not pass through your enemy's ash. These are the ashes of a claimed person from the opposite team. These will repel you. Try not to get trapped in a cabin surrounded by ash, you will become furious over time and most likely say 'Help Me [escape]' in a deep voice! If you trap your opponent you have more time to find a candidate yourself and win the game. Your only chance is to hope someone passes through the ash so you can claim them and escape.

*NOTE: Suicide or being killed by one of your claimed 'pieces' (suicide by proxy) is not mentioned, but it is very unlikely. Do not look for loopholes that may encourage such an occurence. (Ben claimed by Jacob via the Spring, can kill Jacob because Ben = Jacob)*

Note: You may be searching for a suitable candidate for a very long time. It is likely that one of you may grow tired of playing. This is unacceptable. The game must end. Please do not attempt to find loopholes to leave the island early. And do not attempt to recruit the remaining inhabitants of the island (previous unsuitable candidates) and leave.

This is a game of faith, my time travelling wheel and the supernatural abilites of the island are all spiritual.

Good luck.

The game has begun.

Few random notes:

PROTIP: Bring some scientists to the island that are working with time travel. They may have something to teach you.

MIB brings Dharma to the island to try and break free from the game using science. (Science vs Faith theme)
Jacob and his appointed advisor, Richard, does not like this. Dharma must be removed.
Ben was claimed by Jacob when he was shot as a child. Richard (instructed by Jacob) passes on the task to purge Dharma to Ben... and it is done.

Dharma sonic fences = Science
Ring of ash = Faith

Both perform the same tasks, keeping the smoke out. Just using different methods. MIB gets closer to understanding the real rules of the game by using Dharma to investigate 1) time travel and 2) repelling smoke forms.

How else would Dharma know exactly how to keep the smoke out? Someone obviously intervened and gave them a clue.

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