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After Flocke, here is Fayid... by Actegoric

As we found out in the last minute from LA X, Sayid is resurrected, and people from the Temple seems really surprised by this, as the Trasnlator said : "Oh my God...".

This means that it never happens. However, the water is not clear, meaning that something strange is going on...

My opinion : Jacob was the one who could protect the temple. He was the one responsible for the clear fountain. However, since he 's dead, nobody can do this... except the MIB. This guy has now the total control of the island... Except for the zone circled by a ring of ash. That's why everybody was stressed when they learnt by Hurley that Jacob was dead...

However, it was too late to protect the Temple. Sayid was already dead, and the Temple was not protected by ash. Thus, MIB could take Sayid's body (just as he did with Locke). Let's name this "new" guy Fayid.

Now that Fayid is awake, he will do all the things he can to be natural, to infiltrate the Temple and the Others for a while. He will probably gain the trust of the Others and will then be able to come back "home", which is by becoming the chief of the Temple.

I am not sure about the following : MIB can be somebody like Satan, which was the leader of the island (and so of the Temple) before. Jacob was the "good" guy, capable to heal people with the fountain, to make people never aging and so on...

How should it end? There might be another loophole. Something about the ash, or technology (remember the "Help me" scene?).

So, the war between black and white will happen, but the white side will have a big disadvantage as they have a threat they don't know : Fayid.

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