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2 Smoke Monsters by Jonah

So after watching the episode last night, I am more convinced than ever that there must be 2 smoke monsters. Possibly that Jacob and MIB were both able to turn into a smoke monster, but I think more likely is there is just someone on Jacob's side that can be a smoke monster. Here's my thoughts as to why:

1) We know for sure that the ash prevents the smoke monster from going where it is. So presumably the MIB was captured in the cabin for some time probably before Locke and Ben visited the cabin. Yet the smoke monster was definitely out and about during the rest of the time the losties were on the Island.

2) Eko and Locke both stared down the smoke monster, Locke described it as beautiful and Eko said simply, "That is not what I saw." I think they saw two different monsters, one of light and one of darkness. I think that's why Locke sees it the first time and sees light and the next time he sees it he has a look of fear on his face.

3) The smoke monster was described as a security system for the temple and yet the people at the temple start working very hard to try and keep him out. I don't believe that the MIB was just working this whole time as a security system for the temple but also needs to be kept out by the residents of the temple. Plus it seems from the finale of Season 5 that MIB and Jacob have been at odds for quite a long time.

Just one Other more random thought:

1) There are apparently at least 2 ways to control the smoke monster: a) the ash b) The sonic fence. Possibly 2 different ways for 2 different smoke monsters?

Those are just my thoughts at this moment, there are a couple other thoughts on the 2 smoke monster theory, but I'm a little tired and can't remember them right now.

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