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Okay, so the two timelines are finally set up, that's what we know for sure. And a significant moment was where Jack said to Locke that Nothing was irreversible and he could call for a consult regarding possible spinal surgery to fix his paralysis. Here's my theory on the matter.

Somehow the survivors in the alternate timeline will have their memory sparked and it will be made clear that they need to merge the two timelines, maybe just for the sake of merging them. But I think that they need to merge them to get the real Locke back.
When Jack operates on Locke, if he fixes him, the real Locke will come back to life on the island, and that, we will learn, was the purpose of the alternate timeline. To bring Locke back.

Now, for the matter of how exactly their memory will be sparked, it could be course correction. We saw in LA X that Jack had to save Charlie just has he did in the first season. We saw Kate hit the Marshal's head on the sink, causing the same type of head injury that he had after being hit in the head by a suitcase. SOMETHING will make Jack or others realize and remember what is going on and that they need to merge the two timelines. And the perfect way to do that? Is to fix Locke.

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