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After some back and forth with the wife after the season premiere, I remembered an interview from Darlton where they mention paying extra attention to the undwerwater shot of the island in ALT, and what that shot implies.

In this shot we see:

1:Dharma Village underwater
2:Dharma Shark
3:Statue Foot underwater

What one semi-reasonable conclusion can we reach from this?

That Dharma built their village on the island, BEFORE the island sank.

Now back to what could have caused the island to sink. Right from the start I didn't buy into the idea that the bomb had either sunk the island, or caused the ALT timeline. A nuclear bomb would wipe the island clean as glass, but not sink it. In fact, even if the bomb had sunk the island, the village and the statue should not be standing. That's a hydrogen bomb people, more than enough to ATOMIZE the island.

So if the bomb didn't sink the island then what did? Radzinky's initial attempt to harness the electro-magnetism of the island that was interrupted by the losties, that's what. In that timeline, SOMETHING made it so that the the plane never crashes. If the plane never crashes, Jack never goes back in time. If Jack doesn't go back in time, the losties never interrupt Radzinky at the Swan, he breaches the pocket of Swan energy. With no nuclear force to counter act it and Radzinky powerless, the power of that pocket pulls the entire island beneath the waves.

What if it was not the losties that sunk the island, but it was the losties who were saving it from that fate all along with "the incident."

It could be that "the end" that Smokey and Jacob speak of is the sinking of the island. Jacob has been using the losties to prevent it, or delay it, hoping that mankind would find it and use it for good. Perhaps Smokey always wanted it to sink, keeping it's secrets away from man's evil forever. Or it could be neither. Don't you just love this show :)


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