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I've always wondered about the whole building of the hatch and the idea of the button vs. what the Hatch was supposed to do, and I still don't get it, so I thought I'd ask.

The prevailing idea is that that Swan was built for some sort of experiement, or research or manipulation of the energy pocket taht it sits over right? We don't really know yet.

And after "The Incident" the energy pocket was left unstable and the button had to be used to release the energy safely.

With me so far?

So, I'm just left to wonder,,, what? Did Radzinsky, the very second after the Incident, immediately deduce that the energy pocket was in some way ruptured, determine how the energy would need to be contained, then build a gigantic concrete barrier surrounding it while engineering a computer and requisite software that would release the energy if numbers were entered, all within the following 108 minutes?

Cause if he didn't do all that in 108 minutes after the leak first started then there would have been a Desmond failing to push the button like "event" right? I mean, right? Am I missing something here.

So there's 2 options.

Either, it likely took them longer than 108 minutes to solve the problem while the island was being wrecked as though it was in an endless earthquake.

Or what we already know of the Swan was it's intended purpose. The energy was tapped for some reason, with Dharma's full knowledge that it needed to be bleeded off every 108 minutes or else.

But Chang clearly said the button needed to be pushed because of "The Incident."


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