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Changes In Heart by LOLO

I read an article several weeks before Christmas that the opening of Season 6 was on Groundhogs Day and that it was not a coincidence.

My mind was reeling for clues as I searched for meaning.... and my theory for season 6, after watching the movie Groundhogs Day, which I had the DVD, is that none of the events that occurred in season 5 changed anything in the future because they happened Lost has shown us over and over that the events happened - the hearts of the variables, which are the characters did and do change though. Danial said they were the variables.

I went back to see that Jack gave up his leadership role to let Sawyer lead, John had been willing to leave the Island for the others instead of choosing himself like he had done in the situation with he and Helen, Kate gave up Aaron to find his mother, Juliette knew Sawyer didn't belong to her..... and this was what MIB and Jacob were talking about on the beach. Jacob keeps trying to prove MIB wrong that Humans can do this.

I think the variables who's hearts need to change to set things right are the numbers on the seat of the flight as someone else has posted most excellently! And combined with the fact that they the variable themselves assist in setting themselves up.
We already saw that two can be on the Island at the same time. John knew when he was first discovering the Hatch and Sawyer saw Claire having her baby, at a time when he would have been at the beach.
In season 6 I am not looking for a reset, but looking to see how the changes of character hearts sets however things were supposed to be originally, whatever that was, right.

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