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It's been bothering me a lot. A tremendous statue built pretty damned close to the ocean. Temples with structures and pictographs that resemble more than just ancient Egypt. Energy points across the globe, at least two of which we know are on land.

I realize the original purpose for the setting of Lost to be on an island was for the isolation, but what if the Island we all know and love wasn't always an island?

My points for this are:

- The stones required for the building of the temple, smaller structures, and the statue itself are not volcanic. On no map is there listed a 'quarry'. I just don't see the building materials to be native to the island.

- Not to mention that it would probably take many sea voyages in order to complete the brining of materials and labor. It's pretty bloody difficult to find the island as it is consistently even with modern means. Seems like it would be very difficult for ancients to be able to go back and forth with little more than a ship and the stars to sail her by.

- To build these structures, it seems very difficult to import all the materials needed over the ocean, especially for the size of the craft available in the times that it looks like these things are from.
- The island currently experiences tremors and has a history of lavaflow. Most structures we see are at least in descent shape (sans the missing portion of the statue sometime after the black rock lands. I dont know about you, but a statue of that size on a volcanic island in an erosion zone of the beach, that just doesn't sit right for me. Unless it wasn't always an island.

At some point it's discovered that this island can move because the chamber was carved out / discovered. Yes, the fixtures inside the cavern look like they're possibly parts of the black rock ship itself, but even if the crew completed work inside this chamber, what are the chances of someone from that ship (knowing its manifest) would know how to carve hieroglyphics? Or make temples? Or statues? Especially with the manpower they might have had. Those ships only hold so many.

So I just wonder. What's the probability that the structures on the island were built by visiting people who brought their own materials and labor for massive tasks, or, the island was brought to various places sometime in the past?

Jacob seems to go places to make thing happen... maybe the island had done so as well.

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