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As season 6 picks up the bomb will detonate and we will think that events have now been reset as we may very well see Jack and company back on Oceanic 815 safely landing at LAX. However, I believe what we will see is really what was supposed to occur. Seasons 1-5 occurred only because Jacob and others tried to change what was to happen.

For some reason, the people from Oceanic 815 and their subsequent actions become the catalyst for an apocalyptic tragedy. Those on Jacobs’s side have harnessed the unique properties of the Island to create a small loop in the fabric of time that effectively stops events from moving forward on the timeline. Imagine a straight line (time) attached to a loop (the time bubble) attached to another straight line. Time is like a street and as Faraday has said it should move forward. However, in order to prevent whatever calamity is to occur they have trapped the Losties in t! his never ending loop (like a record skipping and never moving forward).

Similar to a roller coaster, they are looping and looping and cannot continue past the loop on the straight line. As we have seen, events were manipulated to make sure that those were important stopping the tragedy were brought to the island instead of landing at LAX. (Even when the oceanic 6 got off the Island events were again manipulated by those who seem to be in the know to get them back) Once brought to the Island they were subjected to the events we have seen in seasons 1-5 which included the turning of the Donkey wheel and the time skipping. One problem that those in the know produced when they messed with time is they then created a whole group of individuals who should have never existed, but now do as a result of the loop they are all in.

If the a hole can be blown in the loop (loophole) then time will move forward and all those who exist solely because of the loop will cease to ex! ist and the end will occur as it was originally supposed to. ! Of cour se those that exist merely because of this time blurp do not want to be erased out of existence. There then appears then to be an epic battle between those who want and need to maintain the loop and those that want to end the loop. This battle between Jacob and MIB has probably been going on for sometime with MIB and his team looking for the loophole and Jacob and his team making sure that that the loop continues. The Losties are not aware that they have probably been manipulated numerous times in order to maintain the loop. A few of them seem to have the ability to recall other instances where there was a slightly different result. Desmond for instance has the ability to retain memories from all the past loops. All the times he tried to save Charlie and he died, really occurred.

Hurley has a similar ability to see and communicate with people still alive from a different iteration of the loop, and thinks he’s seeing the dead. Miles simply can hear them. T! he voices on the island are probably also a bleed through from different iterations involving the Losties themselves. It appears that MIB believes he has found the loophole but Jacob has a counter for it. As we progress this season we will be shown bit by bit what really occurred after 815 landed and why our losties are so important that they needed to be trapped in a time loop. Eventually, they (likely it will boil down to a decision by Jack) will be given a choice to end things the way they are supposed to occur (also ending the existence of those who should not even be around) or for the Losties to sacrifice themselves to the never-ending loop that stops the cataclysm. Tough choice…

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