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Hello everyone! This is my first theory on this wonderful website. My theory is, What if Jacob and MIB were on the oceanic flight 815? what if (for some reason) jacob and MIB were sitting on the very same plane and right before they crashed, they were seperated in time from the rest of everyone else.(just like kate, hurley, jack etc on ajira) and so jacob & MIB flashed to the very begining times of the island and settled there. thus making statues and crazy heiroglyphics due to boredom. and then jacob figures out a way to bring people to the island to experiment and see if the people he brings there can adapt just like he did. MIB doesnt like this very much. so he conjures up schemes and so forth just so he can prove jacob wrong and they could have the island to themselves. but what i think will happen is this, by jacob experimenting with bringing people to the island, HE's the one that brought HIMSELF to the isl! and along with everyone else...sorry for the rambling..and yes i know theres ALOT of holes in this theory. but it could happen!

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