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Is Smokey Anybody? by Locke4God

I write this with full knowledge that some bits of it are wrong, but I've very curious for a long time as to why it's such a commonly accepted belief that smokey has ever been anybody.

I'll start with Alex under the wall of the temple with Ben.

Let's see. The Smoke Monster had just left the room, and suddenly Alex appears on the opposite side of the room. I'm just wondering where the line of logic even exists to assume that Smokey has taken the shape of Alex at that point. Why couldn't she for instance be created by a seperate source like MIB, or maybe the island itself, or perhaps she's actually Alex in some kind of afterlife spiritual form.

I really don't know to be honest, and for all I know the whole idea that Smokey was Alex could be spot on, but it still feels like a tenuous idea and not as concrete as what seems to be the prevailing opinion.

I personally think the appearances of Alex, Yemi, Ben's mom, Christian, and others are made possible by some different source, and I don't know what.

Mostly I say that because Smokey rarely seems to act in an intelligent manner. It's more systematic. If smokey was so driven to create a certain outcome on it's own, I would think it might have made more appearances even, but it's appearances are few and far between. Odd behavior for a being that would be attempting to accomplish something.

In addition, we know that Ben can summon it. That's a very odd fact for the lowly Ben to have such control over a being we simulaneous grant so much power.

Those two facts for me, along with the "security system" moniker, give me the impression that Smokey is more like a dog in nature, as opposed to an intelligent being capable of morphing into various form in order to promote some agenda.

Thusly the MIB would be ruled out as being one and the same with Smokey. MIB has clear goals and is apparently very thoughtful in what he does, and that's not exactly the personality I've witnessed from the actions of Smokey. Although again, I don't know. Maybe that's spot on and I'm totally missing it, but it just feels odd to me to say that out loud. It just doesn't pass the eye test for me.

I truly think that Smokey isn't as significant as all of that. I really think that it does protect the temple and perhaps the island. It may have been created by MIB or Jacob, or the island. It may be able to be commanded or influeced by them. Heck they may even be able to stand in the temple and look through the eyes of smokey to see what it sees. But regardless, smokey for me is more akin to a tool, and less of a character.

What do you think of them apples? :-)

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