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Why Radzinsky commited suicide by Priyam

This is a pretty small theory,but it hit me so I thought I'll put it here..I'm sure someones already come up with this theory..but here goes:

Kelvin Inman worked with Sayid back during the Gulf war, then later he worked with Radzinsky in the Swan station..he must have had a picture of Sayid or something....at some point Radzinsky sees this picture, recognizes Sayid and asks Kelvin about him..Kelvin goes on to explain how he knows Sayid..and how all this happened in the mid 90s...Radzinsky puts the dots together and realizes that Sayid WAS from the future..at this point I think the Purge has already happened..Radzinzky remembers the stuff Sayid had said during their torture session, and this realization along with the isolation drives him to put a shotgun in his mouth and blow his head out...

Once again, if someones already come up with this theory I apologize

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