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And what exactly are Hansos up to ? by BrothaJay

Greetings all…I’ve been lurking on this site since season 3 and DarkUFO by far has the best Lost theories on the net, so I figured I’d give it a go…

So far the major players have been Jacob and MIB, we have not got confirmation on whether or not Christian is a manifestation of MIB or exactly who the man in the cabin is.

I believe that there will be a third party revealed to be a Hanso and it’s for obvious reasons the Hansos have a deep connection to the island. The Black Rock had Tovar Hanso and according to the blast door map Magnus Hanso is buried on the Island, was this before or after the Black Rock? Alvar Hanso helped the DI “colonize” the Island.

Someone had to make initial contact with whoever was leading the Others, why not Alvar making contact with Eloise who seems very intelligent and who probably knows quite a bit of the Island’s history. Meaning that she was already familiar with the Hanso’s “industrious” history with the Island. Either by force or negotiation the DI was allowed to set up. I think it was by negotiation, I think perhaps Alvar convinced her he wanted to return to the Island to do good work and help humanity. That may or may not have been the case.

It would make sense then that when Eloise left the Island she made contact with Alvar and got the position of Lamp Post monitor. Like I mentioned earlier she’s very intelligent and seemed to easily grasp the complex math involved with keeping track of the island. Her contact with Alvar probably was immediately after leaving. Please understand by this point it’s quite clear that the DI is aware of some time travel shenanigans and begins to assemble what intel they can on everyone involved. And here comes Eloise who possibly has Daniels notebook (although unlikely as Jack and Sayid had it last) and some additional information to share with Alvar.

I also believe Eloise was brought to the Island, as was Charles Widmore. She had no previous connection but Charles did, his ancestor was instrumental in finding the Island with perhaps the Hansos. He felt entitled to the island while Eloise was chosen to lead the Others. Through their “complicated” relationship Charles was able to achieve some importance on the Island. I’m also sure that his brash and ambitious attitude didn’t hurt either.

So Eloise leaves and Charles takes over as leader. Things are going along, the French boat crashes, Ben refuses to kill the baby, and Richard takes notice to his stance against Charles. The purge takes place and a few years after that Charles is banished by, and I quote him directly “Him.” , who I believe was Jacob and not Ben, after all Ben did say “This wasn’t my decision.” Yes I know its Ben we’re talking about.

So anyway what I’m getting at is that the Hanso’s connection to the Island hasn’t really been explored. I believe that Alvar Hanso was after Sayid working off of intel he had and had been gathering. Sayid’s attackers never tried to actually kill him so perhaps he was trying to change something in the past, (hmmm, I wonder what that could be) or he was trying to make contact with him. I know it seems kind of overkill as opposed to just sending an email.

Magnus Hanso could have been there long before the Black Rock, could have discovered Island secrets. Maybe he could be the man in the Cabin who needed help. I just feel there is another party at work here as yet to be revealed and one last odd thing….In the Constant, Whidmore said to Desmond, “It’s not me who hates you.” Could the Hansos have some feud with the Humes’?

Thanks for reading, mostly speculation.

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