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MiB is the "good" guy by Patrick Hewan

If this theory has been posted before I apologize, but after watching the exchange between MiB and Jacob I am convinced their roles are reversed. Before I begin this theory I must clarify that I believe MiB is the smoke monster. It is clear he was using the cabin and not Jacob, and when Ilana approaches the cabin one of her companions yells “look at the ash” which is the smoke of the smoke monster. Based on this and other clues I believe MiB is the smoke monster.

We have always been lead to believe that the smoke monster is a security system. A security system designed to protect and maintain the island. When MiB and Jacob have their discussion MiB asks “how did they find the island?” then says “I don’t have to ask, you brought them here.” Then MiB continues and says “They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt, it always ends the same.” In which Jacob responds with his “progress” answer that many theories are based off. If Jacob is the good guy why does he bring people to the island to try and prove MiB wrong? It seems to me that MiB/Smokey is protecting the island from people who destroy, corrupt, and kill. By “judging” characters he determines whether or not they are a threat to the island’s survival by looking at their past and future.

“Well why wouldn’t he kill Jacob?” you might ask. He wants to kill Jacob but can’t because Jacob isn’t a threat to the island. As long as Jacob uses others as pawns whatever laws that bind Smokey/MiB prevent it from killing him. The loophole is MiB’s way of eliminating Jacob, the islands biggest threat, and will be what S6 is based on. The S5 finale shows that Jacob is what brings people to the island. By manipulating their lives, he ensures they end up doing what he wants, which isn’t a very “good” thing to do, especially considering what happens to them. I particularly felt bad for Ben during the MiB Jacob confrontation. Ben who has really been used by MiB thinks it’s Jacob who has been controlling him. Instead of giving him piece of mind or trying to convince Ben otherwise he says, “What about you,” knowing that Ben will kill him and revealing he has another agenda.

In season 6 MiB is going to be wrongly portrayed as the villain as part of Jacob’s plan. Under the premise that he is dead Jacob can continue to manipulate things as he sees fit. He sent Ilana to ensure his survival and setup MiB which means he coordinated everything. Our losties will eventually have to work with MiB/Smokey to take down Jacob (won’t that be a twist). Further proof that this is all Jacobs master plan is shown when the Pilot is traveling with Ilana. He is told, “Don't worry though, as long as your with us you’ll be fine, were the good guys.” The pilot’s reply is quite revealing, “In my experience the people who go out of their way to tell you there the good guys are the bad guys.” I believe we’ve been given some very key foreshadowing, since most of our theories and beliefs reside on the fact that Jacob is good and Smokey/MiB is bad.

Throughout the series Smokey/MiB’s actions can be viewed as evil, or grey, but consider what he is protecting. The island is incredibly powerful and if it’s full power was ever harnessed think of what could be done. For instance, look at what the temple did to Ben. Smokey/MiB is protecting the island from humans whose nature is to destroy and corrupt like he said for the greater good. When this is contrasted with Jacob, who carelessly brings people to the island to prove MiB wrong we see two definitive arguments and two very real sides. It’s up to us to decide who’s point of view is good and who’s is evil. Should humanity be allowed to access the islands power? Or will it be abused and create chaos like has been seen in previous “threads.” Well now Im starting to get into another theory which I will be sure to post soon! I hope you enjoyed the read and it gave you something to consider while we count down for S6!

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