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So what's so special about the group formed around the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815? Why are they so central to the Island, to Jacob? Why are they different than those that came before them?

I think the answer is epitomized in one person: Juliet. Previous groups on the Island have been (somewhat justifiably) paranoid and xenophobic. When two groups clashed, the group that allowed its 'enemies' to join was the group that survived. (That's why the Hostiles killed off Dharma---the Hostiles absorbed Ben, Ethan, etc., while Dharma refused to allow in any of the Hostiles). Juliet was sent to infiltrate the Losties, she was clearly not 'one of them,' yet they let her in anyway.

But Juliet didn't just join up---she became one of the Losties' leaders. In Season 3, she's treated with suspicion and disdain, isolated on the Beach. But notice how, by the end of Season 4, she's issuing orders on the beach and people OBEY those orders. When Sayid returns from the Kahana, he looks to Juliet for approval before letting Daniel do his thing. Juliet is the one who lets Charlotte and Daniel help with the supply run for Jack's surgery, and Jin/Sun obey her orders. It's really striking when you compare how she began---especially since the shift is so gradual.

Compare this to the attitude of Dharma. When confronted by a "Hostile" who "wanted" to join them, they chose instead to kill him. They sat in their comfortable little house and planned to murder a man, not for anything he'd done, but for who they thought he was. And Amy made it abundantly clear that Sawyer's plan to bring in Sayid was never going to work because Dharma was so fearful, so prejudiced, so closed-minded, that it was incapable of truly trying to work with its 'enemy.'

The Others were better, but not by much. They brought in Ben, Ethan, and (possibly) other Dharma members, but they murdered those who didn't join them.

The Losties refused to be 'corrupted' as those who came before them were corrupted. They brought in their 'enemy', Juliet, and made her one of their leaders. Heck, they also brought in those who arrived with their enemies (the Freighter crew), the crazy woman in the jungle who kept shooting at them (Danielle), the guy who got them stuck on the Island in the first place (Desmond), and the children of their enemies (Karl and Alex). It looks like they're the beginning of the end of the MIB's cycle.

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