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Can I help you brutha? by Dislogdedintime

In the episode Catch-22. Desmond tells Ruth a woman he was dating for 6 years that he woke up on the street not knowing where he was. He looked up and there was a "man" with a rope tied round his waist and asked Desmond "Can I help you brother?"

I just watched the Incident and guess who is seen with a rope tied round there waist? Yup MIB

My theory is that MIB touched Desmond, this might explain why Desmond is so adamant about fighting and running away from his fate. Desmond has this innate nature to run away thinking he is in control. This is the exact opposite of what has been witnessed when Jacob touches people, they seem more relaxed to go with the flow.

Desmond is after all very special and the rules don't apply to him. For clarification lets remember that it was Desmond's 1996 consciousness went to the future, this is why he did not recognize anyone. It was NOT the 2004 Desmond's consciousness travelling into the past. My second theory is that Desmond was special BEFORE he turned the failsafe key, 8 years before he turned the key in fact as like I just mentioned his 1996 consciousness traveled to the future. The producers even said this fact in the commentary for that episode.

And not to mention that on Brother Campbell's desk he is in a picture with Eloise Hawking. Coincidence? I think not.

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