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Lost works on many levels for fans of the show. Mystery, religion, conspiracy, moral issues, personal discovery, death, romance, excitement, judgement, time travel, destiny, and so on. We have theory boards to exchange ideas and to speculate, as in this theory, on possible endings.

I am impatiently counting down the days to Series 6, and may each episode confirm that Lost is the best TV drama of all time, leading to the greatest finale.

But firstly the endings I do not want to see :-

1…A pyramid type space craft arises out of the island. All seems lost as the aliens emerge from the craft. Hurley saves the day by running them down with his Dharma VW camper van. Group hug follows.

2…Multiple timelines. The Lost plot becomes ever more complex, the story unfolds differently in parallel timelines. We become bewildered by time loops and flashbacks/forwards/sideways. Vincent digs up an ancient Egyptian laptop and takes it to Jack, who begrudgingly enters the dreaded numbers. Everything is reset to 22 September 2004 and nothing ever happened. We all throw things at the TV in disgust.

3…Jacob and MIB (bearded rival) are revealed as two warring Egyptian gods. They transform into giants and have a wrestling bout on the island, with black smoke venting forth and electromagnetic anomalies going off all around.

So I trust that the ending will be anything but predictable. Not necessarily a happy one for all the main characters in the show. Plenty of adrenaline filled action of course, but this time the heroes do not make it to wherever in time.

There won’t be closure on all of the Lost loose ends, but some may be addressed. Hopefully we will learn the purpose of the smoke monsters and the whispers, or when Alpert is from, or how the Black Rock ‘landed’, or how Mikhail cheated death, or get to see inside the temple, or why Desmond came back in series 3 with no clothes.

But I am certain that Lost will go ‘outside the box’, beyond the Jacob/MIB conflict, and show how the island will determine the destiny of humankind. After all the incredible things we have seen in the first 5 series, the show’s creators will surely not serve up some tame anticlimax. After the much anticipated ‘war’, I believe the Lost prediction for the future of humankind will be revealed.

So, what is our destiny?

We may get by somehow. If we keep our heads down, if we are meek, if we pretend that everything is going to be alright. No need to protest on the streets, or attempt to change anything for the better. Let’s stick to what we know, keep our heads in the sand, vote for the status quo. And when our apathy fails to prevent the world descending into terminal chaos, we can deny any responsibility.

Or our fate may, after all, have been predicted in the scriptures of our various religions. The promised cataclysmic events might actually occur. Only the chosen will be saved. Darkness will cover the earth, which the meek will inherit.

Maybe not. But do we honestly believe that a quality planet such as ours is not being monitored by someone else? In a universe so vast there must be something assessing us. Able to hold power over our existence, in the same way as we would decide the fate of a colony of ants in our own backyards. And that is the angle which I believe Lost 6 finale will adopt. There will essentially be a terrifying new perspective, which shows how little future we humans have left.

Suppose you were God, or the appointed Guardian responsible for preserving life on Earth. For how long would you permit the environment sapping juggernaut, which humans call civilisation, to endure? Which would you save, the irresponsible inhabitants, or the planet?

I believe Lost will make a bold statement to viewers about human failure, and the resulting intervention. This will be original in concept, a visual extravaganza in the final scenes of Lost.
For example, we may see the purge of all humankind in the world beyond, and only dedicated Others on the island saved. Pregnancies conceived on the island will then go full term, and the resulting newborn will be the next evolutionary step. They may be physically different (“You mean, like a giant?!”), and four toed.

We have seen enough evidence to suggest that the Egyptian underworld will also play its part in the ending. So ask yourself, if the ending is about judgement, what entities might emerge through the island if humans fail?

Wild speculation perhaps, but this is ABC’s chance to ensure Lost is one of the great landmarks of television. Please do not let us down. Do not compromise all that has gone before with some lame bonehead finale, and none of the mysteries explained. Yes, we do prefer fireworks to damp squibs, so make it spectacular and controversial. Yes, we do want explanations, but leave us shocked and awed into admitting “We never saw that coming.”

So, although the Latin used in this theory’s title is probably incorrect… Welcome to the war, welcome to destiny.

February 2010. Bring it on!

With the forum editor’s permission (otherwise delete this bit), here are some dramatic video and music clips. These are just to demonstrate the level of spine tingling tension and emotion which I hope Lost Series 6 will try to achieve.

Possible style of human purge or dark ending.

Music for mysteries of the temple revealed.
Play from 1:12 min to 2.50 min.

Showdown, revenge. Who are you?
Play from 5:15 min.

War, adrenaline. Good old Charlie!
Play from 2:30 min to 7:30 min.

What is meant by ‘Sons of God’ in this passage?
Play to 1:04 min.

Music for final credits/aftermath of shock Lost ending.
Play from 2:48 min.

Play from 2.45 min to 4.30 min.
Listen carefully. All these moments…..

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