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This is my first theory, but I have read most of them all. Credit to whomever has noticed this before.

It seems evident from the actions of Ilana and Bram at the cabin, that the meeting place for Jacob and the leader of the others has been corrupted and used for another's agenda, presumably by/for the Man in Black. This means that the meetings between Ben and "Jacob" were probably really between Ben and the MiB, if anyone was there with Ben at all.

In light of the opening scene of 'The Incident' it is evident that Jacob WANTS people to find the island, and the MiB DOES NOT want people to find the island. Now ask yourself, why would Jacob want to jam transmissions to and from the island, making it even more invisible and obscure in the backdrop of a moving time and space reference frame. This would truly make the island almost impossible to find (It took Widmore 20+ years.)
The answer seems to be that it was actually the MiB telling Ben to hide the island, jam all signals-except the flame-and deceive his people into believing that they had open channels of communication. Remember how Mikhail acts when he discovers the Looking Glass is operable? Not very happy at the charade eh? Greta and Bonnie weren't too thrilled either. "...and just how did that work out for everyone?"

So for better or worse (that remains to be seen,) it seems obvious the the MiB has been influencing the others through Ben, at the very least. I also believe that Richard is fully in on the deception, and that Flocke, as he has been called, has come to expose the whole deception by posing as an agent/manifestation of the MiB. Richard notices this change when Locke returns in 2007, but since he is the probable target for exposure, he is taken back slightly when Locke resembles the 'vessel' for MiB, as he expected, but with a slightly different 'feel' or agenda from Richard's expectations.

The comment made by the producers that Locke's character is similar to Snape from Harry Potter, reinforce this idea. Locke only has a handful of candidates to uncover, and as always, we probably don't understand who the 'bad guys' are yet. Honestly, at this point it all seems like shades of grey, rather than black and white. This season should clarify this, naturally.

Thanks, Please let me know what you think.

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