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Two Separate Realities by Mike

How's this for a Lost theory?

I have figured out the result of the hydrogen bomb on Lost. Everyone is asking the question did the bomb change the past or not? I believe the answer is BOTH! Here me out. The bomb going off simply created a second reality where Flight 815 doesn't crash but the original reality is still intact. Two separate realities, two separate timelines branching off from that one incident. This way the past is changed but there is no paradox created. Jack and co. in the past won't instantly wake up in a "reset" timeline, they are now in the past of an alternate reality. In physics it is improbable that time would simply "reset" so either my theory is correct or the bomb just caused the incident which is unlikely and too predictable. The writers have us thinking it's one or the other, "Change" or "No change" but nobody is considering that both may be true. Maybe whatever happened, did happen BUT something as cataclysmic as detonating a hydrogen bomb creates an alternate reality. Kind of ! like splitting a river into two different paths but in doing so the two paths will eventually have to solidify into one again somehow. This solidifying onto one again part I haven't figured out yet.

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