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WINDOW OF HOPE..... by Ralph

FRANK....We all love him.He's the nicest dude(next to Hurley).He's the guy on LOST that is caught up in everyone's drama and all he wants to do...Is make sure everyone is safe.That's some deep blue hero stuff right there.So....Why FRANK? Why is he there on the Island?

I think I know why.....It's going to be one of two scenarios of whats going to happen with Frank.........

Scenario #1:The Window.

MILES:"Hey,Hey,Lapidus,where's the chopper?Where did it crash"?

FRANK:"Crash?The hell kind of pilot d'you think I am?I put her down safe and sound right over there".

Frank has proven to me that he is an awesome pilot and can pretty much land in any messed up crash situation....He even landed 316 with little problems.

Well,when 316 crashed,the only problem it faced was the co-pilot was killed with a tree branch through the cockpit window.

....I think Frank will go to the main Island and go to the 815 cockpit(with some help and tools) and remove one of the non-broken windows from the 815 cockpit.the windows should be similar(if not exact)in size.He will return to Hydra Island and repair 316 for flight.But his co-pilot is dead...how will Frank be able to pull this off without his co-pilot?.....He will have one in Jack....that's right....Jack!Jack took some flying courses,and they were not for him....remember?But I'm sure those flying courses were enough to be a good enough co-pilot.Jack originally was suppose to die in the PILOT of LOST,so I think he's real purpose is to actually help Frank,fly the survivors off the Island...plus it would be kinda funny that the Yankees and Red Sox fans would have to team up for the greater good of everyone...Ha!

And no matter what anyone thinks or how it actually goes down....They are all getting off that Island on 316.

...or...it might play out like this.....

Scenario #2: The Candidate.

FRANK:"Candidate?,candidate for What"?

Frank has shown us many qualities that the OTHERS look for,let take a look at Frank's qualities....

FRANK has shown us,he is:

A GENTLEMAN.He knows how to talk to a lady and knows how to respect other Men.A quality of manners that the Others have shown us for a while.

A BRAVE Man.He went with Sun,when no one else did.He wanted to make sure she was safe.Frank has fearlessly jumped into the mouth of Danger,weather it be Flying off the bearings or dealing with Keamy.Frank has no fear.

An OBSERVANT Man.He knew everyone on the list and even knew Juliet was not on 815(Great memory!).

I think he will become the new keeper of the Island,and he will lead the Others.

....this would also explain the lists....maybe Richard was not getting the list from Jacob,maybe he was getting them from FRANK,a Frank from the future that might end up in the past somehow.Shoot,Jacob actually might be working with Frank,using his amazing memory to help him make the list.It makes sense.

But...If Frank is or helping make the lists...why isn't Jack on the list,I mean he was originally not on the list(Pickett says this in season 3).Simple...He's a RED SOX FAN(Ha!)...or Frank was told sometime that Jack saved Ben and decided to maybe prevent this from happening.

....And one last thing.....

WIDMORE setup Frank...but how?....what plans did Widmore have for FRANK? I mean take a look at this .....

1)Widmore sets up fake crash.
2)Frank calls BS and calls Widmore's people.
3)Widmore hires Frank.
4)Frank tells Michael on the Freighter that Widmore believed him.

....I mean...was Widmore gonna have Keamy kill FRANK and the Science team after he was done with them?...I think so.

Well,let me know what y'all think? #1 or #2...maybe you have a better theory(and if you do,I would love to hear it,not many Frank theories out there).

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