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What we know about Claire:
1. She loves Aaron very, very much
2. At some point before the Freighter arrives, she is woken up in the night by her dead father (strongly suspected to be the Man In Black).
3. At some point in the night, she took off with him, abandoning her son (I think this is outrageously out-of-character behaviour from Claire).
4. We later find her in the Cabin, again with Christian when Locke comes to see "Jacob". She is acting extremely weird at this time.

This has some strong similiarities with what happened to Ben. Ben as a boy is very sweet, sensitive and innocent, until he is shot and taken to the Temple where, in Richard Alpert's own words, "his innocence will be gone".

To make long story short, I think Claire was taken to the Temple by "Christian". As yet, there isn't enough information to hazard a guess, but if I had to speculate I would say that the MIB wants Aaron off the island, in Kate's custody. This in turn would ultimately cause Kate to return to the Island.

I would also venture to say that perhaps the MIB knows that if Kate returns, then so will Jack (and consequently the rest of the Oceanic 6). This in effect was his "Plan B", in case the John Locke gamble did not play out.

Some more thoughts on this later.

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