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The Testing Ground by Syphon1980

This may be the most ridiculous theory I’ve ever had but I hope that it may be a fanciful distraction, for those that read it, while we watch our “hatch like” clocks countdown to the final season. Before I begin, yes there will be inevitable holes in what I say - just enjoy the ride.

A few weeks ago I was watching a Discovery reality show called “The Colony”. Ten people of different skill sets (doctor, contractor, marine biologist, computer engineer ect.) are all placed in an abandoned warehouse in an attempt to see how they would thrive in a post apocalyptic world. For some reason my mind, as it often does, wandered back to Lost. The following is what I came up with:

The Valenzetti equation was postulated to predict the time till human extinction, in other words, a doomsday clock. If its inevitable that the world will be destroyed by human hands, humanity will be lost unless some can be saved. The island much like the biblical Noah’s ark is a vessel to save those that are “special”/the anointed or as we know them “the others”. They are above the general populous and that is why they have a certain attitude towards anyone that is not chosen.


Certain things in the world can only exist in duality: An object will cast a shadow because there is light. One can only feel great despair if they know (are aware of) great happiness (and visa versa). Similarly, Jacob and MiB coexisted in this duality like a shoulder angel and devil that you see in a cartoon strip whispering in a character’s ear. They represent the conscience and are hope and cynicism incarnate.

They are capable of influencing man by what they say but can’t directly interfere (This is why MiB needed Ben to kill Jacob). Salvation for humanity is based on their own choices.

Advisor and Guardian:

In the season 5 finale MiB says to Jacob, “Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?”. Originally, Jacob had no reason to fear MiB they coexisted for a long time like old neighbours but something had happened that changed MiB’s attitude.

The reason Richard was made immortal was to keep Jacob safe and to be an incorruptible conduit of information between the “others” and Jacob. Since MiB can assume the form of the dead, immortality would make Richard impervious to MiB’s manipulations. Up until season 5, Richard was the only one that congregated between the “others” and Jacob.

Richard was apprehensive about bringing Flocke to see Jacob and allowing Flocke and Ben to enter Jacob’s home. Richard failed to protect Jacob.

The Test:

Jacob’s purpose is to save humanity by convincing MiB or someone greater that humanity is worthy of saving. By “weaving” factors throughout the world he brought the Black Rock, potentially flight 815 and other peoples to the island.


The purpose of the smoke monster is to remove non “special” people from the island ensuring that the others are not harmed. Hence why the smoke monster resides under the temple where the “others” have congregated for protection. People like Juliet who have committed a crime against the others (I.e. killing Danny Pickett) are now subject to the smoke monster.

The Dharma Initiative was a special case where the others could have been completely wiped out. The truce was to insure they stayed within the barracks isolated from contaminating the “others“.


1) Jacob, being the master craftsman that he is, has set forth a plan that will save humanity which required his death (sacrifice). Through the mode of alt reality he can prove that people are not limited to the sum of their experiences (I.e. Tabula Rasa) and are capable of virtue/greatness. “What ever happened, happened” (ie flashbacks), but they always have a choice to break away from expected outcomes based on experiences.

2) Richard will die this season since his immortality died along with Jacob

3) The island is not imbedded in our worlds time and space. If the alt reality takes place, I wouldn’t be surprised if the losties back in 2004 (new reality) end up crashing on a synced up island where Jacob is still dead. (ie “they are coming”)

4) Jacob’s touch was a glimpse of him influencing our characters in alt reality

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