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Richard Theory by Michelle

This is my first post, long time viewer love this site! Don't think I've seen this theory before so here it goes...Ready to to ripped apart. No feelings will be hurt :)

When Richard is walking Locke and gang to the statue and says that Jacob only allows one leader to see him at a time. Why? Because there can't be 2 Jacobs in the statue at the same time. I think that Richard is much like Locke. DEAD. Maybe Richard is Jacob most trusted adviser because he is Fake-Richard, much like Locke is Fake-Locke. Richard knows everything about the island.

I'm sure he was on the Black Rock and something happened and there was some kind of "make a deal with the devil" where Jacob was able to save Richard, just like he saved Ben. Only Richard was going to be Jacobs slave or "vessel" for the rest of eternity.

Thanks for looking. I'm ready to take my beating

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