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Mind Travel by Flocke of Seagulls

Ok so one of my big theories when the episode "The Constant" came out was that maybe the Oceanic 6 never left they island but their consciousness' actually went back to before they arrived on the island.

This would have made "We Have to Go Back" mean "We have to find our constants and get back to where we were"

While it has been shown that this wasn't the case. I feel as if it was almost natural for where the story was heading.

However, with the possibility of an ALT timeline, perhaps there will be a few occurances of such an event with the survivor's minds.

Perhaps 1977 Jack will "mind-travel" to 2004 Jack. It would create a way to show mirroring situations and have Jack have to find a way to put the universe back on track.

(Perhaps the way the Universe "course-corrects" is through the survivors.)

This would bring up the need for Constants. Which could very well come into play considering we STILL haven't found out why Daniel wrote Desmond was his Constant in the notebook. Knowing that Daniel is dead, perhaps his 1977 consciousness still exists. Miles presumably would then have the power to hear it. And if it DOES still exist, perhaps Daniel's dead body can still project his mind into the Past.

I see a touching moment where Daniel had to find Desmond in 04 and Desmond has to find Daniel's body in 77 or whatever. Daniel would know that finding his Constant would mean ultimately dying completely.

There is the possibility that everyone who becomes self-aware in No-Crash 04 will have to use the Lamp Post to return to the island and Course-Correct the past.

If anyone has seen the new remake of The Prisoner, there are instances in which 6 becomes self aware in a second universe, and, in my opinion, created the best scene in the show.

I know LOST season 6 is probably not going to be as Scifi heavy as season 5, but I think this would be a really interesting way to show how the Universe is course-corrected by its people, not the other way around.

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