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What about the Island by Niknar

I know that almost everyone would agree that the island is special or that it has special qualities. Why? What is so important or special about the island? Why does it need to be protected? What if an ancient race (Perhaps Egyptians)figured out how to travel through time? What if they discovered their own (or the)garden of Eden. It is possible that a story, even if biblical could actually exist. It is not beyond comprehension. Ancient cultures made many advanced discoveries during their time. What if they were able to figure out when this particular island would go through a place similar to the Bermuda triangle. Then some how or some way the caught a ride to another time. I mean for the Island's inhabitants. What if the island does not travel through time at all and only certain visitors do. I am not sure if being touched by someone "in touch" with the islands abilities would mean that you are now a! permanent resident of the island. It could mean that you now have a connection with the island that spans time and space. Therefore, if the island is an Eden, was discovered by an ancient (Egyptian) culture, and can enable us to travel to other times what if the island is a door to what is beyond this life. It is a chance to test all of the various possibilities that could have happened in life. What if there is no such thing as death and we just live out all of the various possibilities. I assume that it would be more complicated than this, but it is an attempt.

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