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There's Nothing Wrong with Ben by SayHiToLibby

It's been a while since I posted a theory but here goes...

After re-watching the Incident Pt. I and II, I have a different interpretation of Jacob's actions during those episodes.

When Jacob visited the Losties, he generally seemed like he was trying to be a positive, motivational, or uplifting force in the Losties' lives. Jacob expressed his confidence in Jack after Jack successfully performed the surgery, and Jack was proud of that surgery as we saw in Season 1 when he told Kate that story in an effort to motivate her. Jacob likewise was trying to encourage Hugo and express his confidence in Hugo in the taxi; I am sure it was overwhelming and powerful for Hugo to hear that he is not crazy, not cursed and is in fact blessed. Jacob was letting Sawyer make the decision to finish that letter and express himself, and Jacob was trying to give little Kate a chance in life and give her a little push. Those last two may seem like gray areas because they are, but I can see how Jacob's actions could be interpreted as teaching young ones valuable lessons. I don't know why Jacob touched the Losties, and I am not sure how Sayid fits into this (maybe Jacob sa! ved Sayid's life?). But that is my interpretation of Jacob's visits.

So finally, my take on Jacob's conversation with Ben is that Jacob was trying to do two things: a)leave the choice to kill ultimately up to Ben, and b) let Ben know that there is nothing wrong with him. To paraphrase the conversation:

Ben: What was so wrong with me? What about me?
Jacob: What about you?
(Ben goes stabby stabby)

I think you have to read the "What about me?" part in conjunction with the "What was so wrong with me?" part. Ben felt like there was something deficient with himself--like he was undeserving of love. Jacob was asking Ben what Ben thought was so wrong with himself. The answer is nothing. And that was the point Jacob was hoping Ben would come to realize on his own.

The choice was ultimately up to Ben to kill, which Ben did, and Ben will suffer the consequences of his actions. Because Ben was under so much emotional stress at the time from the loss of his daughter, I think Ben will realize that there is nothing wrong with him when he calms down. This will ultimately lead Ben to realize that he must take personal responsibility for his actions. I think this will lead Ben to regret the murder of Jacob, and Ben will seek forgiveness for this choice he made.

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