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Missing Locke Scenes by JYD

Sorry if this has popped up elsewhere, but it's hard to monitor every post. After rewatching S1 again, I have to see what people think about this.

First of all, we know that things have happened to Locke that we haven't yet seen from Season 1. The result of the encounter with Smokie being the most obvious. So...just how much does Locke know at this point?

When Jack and Claire see the "Adam and Eve" skeletons (remember that Locke named them that too), Charlie says something about others having lived on the island. That got Locke's attention and he steps over to intervene, that's when he names them.

Again, whenever Locke hears someone talking about others having been on the island, we see a close-up of Locke with an inquisitive look. But, please see for yourself, it's not a look that says "No way! Really! let's find out more!" It's a look that says "Hmmm. What do they know now. I hope they don't find out too much." In other words, it just looks like Locke already knows alot more than anyone else. And we don't yet know how.

I don't think he's already "F-Locke" and I'm not convinced there is an "F-Locke". He still has questions (like with the Hatch), but he seems to want to find answers that require some previous knowledge. Unlike the rest whose questions are far simpler. So, how does Locke know what he does? And how much does he know in Season 1? Will we see these missing scenes?

If you agree with me that Locke in The Incident is just Locke (not MiB, smokey, FLocke), and Season One Locke is also real Locke, then how do we explain what seems like Locke's special knowledge AND his desire to hide this from the rest?

Another moment to consider is Claire's dream in which Locke has solid-black eyes and tells her she should have been caring for the baby. I know it's a dream, but can the black symbolize anything other than that he IS smokey or MiB or both? What DOES that mean?

Just want to hear some thoughts on this. If substantial theories have already explained this (without recourse to an FLocke/MiB/Smokey interpretation) then please send a link.

Thanks, and Tuesday's almost here!!!

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