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The Variables by hamburglerz

My theory is that people are the variables and the numbers represent which people need to be changed in some way so that mankind wouldn't wipe it itself out. The Dharma Initiative was setup to try to change the variables in the equation. To change the variables means you must change the people the numbers represent. We have seen the changes happen throughout the show. Danielle Rousseau’s first story about what happened to her and her team happened when they went to the Black Rock and she also knew the smoke monster was a security system. Also her story about what happened was not the same at the time she changed the transmission. Then we see that the same thing happened to her and her team but instead of them going to the Black Rock they went to the wall of the Temple. I think that when they went to the Black Rock was so they could leave the dynamite there. I think that “The Dharma Initiative” is just a co! ver and that the whispers are the people from the Temple. The ones at the Temple are just trying to save their island. That’s why the Temple has a Dharma logo.

Season 1 to season 5 of lost it has not been shown to us in proper order with what seems to be flashbacks of characters life’s before, present and flash forwards after their stay on the island because remembering is the key. When re-watching seasons of lost some characters on the show seem to change their attitudes and goals for what seems to be no reason at all. Charlie at times seems to be confused and lost, at other times he seems to be confident as to what he is doing. The same goes for Jack and Locke. Lost shows us that people not only can time travel physically but also their consciousness can travel to their past self’s like with Desmond Hume after he turned the failsafe key and when he left the island on the helicopter. Is it possible that the Locke that talks Ben into killing Jacob is Locke just from a different reality? Is it possible to use your consciousness to travel in time to learn how to win at a game that hasn’t been started yet? Some characters on lo! st seem to have rules that must be followed. Is that because they have knowledge of what is to come. Eloise Hawking seemed to be able to see the future until "The Variable" where she tells Penny “for the first time in a long time she didn't know what was going to happen next.”

With the end of season 5 we are left with the idea of flight 815 not crashing in 2004. Having Juliet detonate the thermonuclear core from the bomb Jughead in 1977 it would not only stop 815 from crashing but it would also change the timeline and the variables that lead to the crash. The Variables based Daniel Faraday is people. That their actions in 1977 could change the events of 2004, but from who’s perspective.

If you would look back at the Orchid orientation film “outtakes” where Halliwax describes the station's purposes, he is holding a rabbit with a painted numbered 15 on the animal's side. As we see in this video the same rabbit seems to appear on the shelf above Halliwax. The second rabbit numbered 15 does not appear until after the incident, suggesting the arrival of this future 15 caused the incident to occur. But how could Halliwax ask about the second rabbit and how it appear on the shelf if it was sent from the future by asking “When did you set the shift?”. How can a rabbit that is being used to make this video also be in a test being conducted at the same time. Unless the rabbit is from the past and was sent into its future for nine minutes as stated be the assistant in the video and that the “shift” was set at negative 20. The last line in the Orchid Orientation video that Locke watches in "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3" Halliwax states “In our ! first demonstration, we will attempt to shift the test subject 100 milliseconds ahead (in) four-dimensional space. For the briefest of the moments, the animal will seem to disappear, but in reality...” and the tape starts to rewind.

In the “"The Constant” Daniel Faraday shows Desmond a machine he uses for experiments involving time travel and Desmond is shown that Eloise is a rat. Daniel tells Desmond that he created a machine that allowed a living creature's consciousness to travel through time. He used the machine on Eloise to show Desmond that Eloise’s consciousness travels an hour into the future where he will teach her to run the maze. When her consciousness travels back he releases her and Eloise runs to the end. We never see if Daniel teaches Eloise to run the maze because our perspective is from Desmond and as he’s consciousness travels through time back to 2004 just like Eloise he’s body seemed to become catatonic until his consciousness returns. We later see that Eloise has blood coming from her nose and that she is dead.

Why is Desmond Hume "uniquely, and miraculously special" as stated by Daniel Faraday? It started after turning the failsafe key causing the discharge, and the unavoidable implosion of the Swan. At this point it seems that Desmond’s consciousness (with he’s memories he has up till 2004) re-entered his 1996's self in "Flashes Before Your Eyes". This is where Desmond is told by Mrs. Hawking that "the universe has a way of course correcting" but by the time Desmond realized he could change his fate he was hit with the cricket bat, sending his consciousness back into his 2004 self. As his memory returned he began to cry and beg for another chance to change events in the past, to no avail. Later Desmond states to Charlie that he has been getting precognitive visions (or flashes) of Charlie's death and he is afraid that there are only so many times he can cheat fate before it catches up with Charlie. Desmond knowing he can’t keep saving Charlie tells him about his death insid! e the Looking Glass Station. This action, according to the flash, will result in Claire and Aaron boarding a rescue helicopter. Charlie dies just as Desmond’s “vision” showed him he would but because of “variables” still unknown Claire never boards a rescue helicopter and she abandoned Aaron in the jungle. Kate takes Aaron and is the one that boards the helicopter.

Locke who wanted to kill Jacob is still Locke but he is from a different reality. Also the Ben who killed Jacob is not the same Ben who raised Alex and turned the wheel. That’s why Jacob told Ben “what about you?” the same way he knew that Locke seemed to be someone different then the Locke we knew.

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