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Don't Mistake Fate For Coincidence by Cos

My theory is that this idea will not be popular. Not even with me. I hadn't read this anywhere. I'm gonna talk about it as though I'm behind it, even though I don't really think this will play out.

The idea is this...

Desmond was not responsible for the crash of 815.

His failure to push the button at the same time as the crash was a coincidence. The oft used Season 2 line, "Don't mistake fate for coincidence", was in reference to this exact coincidence.

Desmond's belief, and conveyance to all the survivors, that he caused the crash only serves as motivation for Jack to carry out the events of the Incident. Obviously, Jack wanted to blow up the pocket of energy because he thinks that's what brought 815 to the Island.

It isn't.

815 was 1000 miles off course before Desmond used Kelvin's head as a coconut, and was late to enter the numbers. This is not a throw away fact. This is a key fact, given to us really early on.

In the same way that Jacob brought the Black Rock to the Island, or 316, or Nigerian Drug Plane, or Besixdouze, Jacob brought 815. I believe only Jacob can bring people to the Island.

So what does this mean, post-Incident? I think they'll flash to the plane, which will still crash, and the timeline will remain intact.

BUT, those that Jacob touched will either retain their memories or have flashes of what happened (like Desmond) once they reach the island. This will put them all in the position to try to engineer an outcome and fight course-correction. They will, in effect, become people like Eloise, or Abbadon, or Ben. All of which seemed to know things that were going to happen the first time we saw all this go around. All of which I believe were also touched by Jacob at some point, or in some other iteration.

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