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OMG! Aaron was dead by ResDes

Hello folks, I gotta share this with you. I hope that this theory isn´t old, but I´ve seen a crucial thing in the pilot by rewatching for the third time.

In the pilot Claire mentions to Shannon, that she hasn´t felt the baby since the crash. I think Aaron didn´t survive the crash. Then suddenly Jin appears with some self made food, fish or something. Claire takes a bite and then she feels her baby again. It´s wildly kicking and Claire has a strange insight that the baby will be a boy. VERY STRANGE!!!

One of Lost themes is resurrection, so I think little Aaron died in the belly of his mother and got resurrected on the island. Therefore he is special and seriously in danger, just as Malkin told Claire.

Maybe because of the resurrection Claire was able to give birth to Aaron without dying.

What do you think?

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