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The variable and his journal by Anthony Scura

This theory is based on previous loop theories. I think the loop theory is important and relevant due to the Dark Tower series and it's importance to the writers(sorry for being brief, but I have a lot of mind vomit to get through ;) ). I propose that Daniel Faraday is Roland from that series and instead of a horn, he needs the journal to complete his quest. We have all thought for awhile that Desmond was the one who could change things, but I feel that Desmond is a constant. He cannot change anything and if he did it would be the end of all.

This is why Ms. Faraday is so insistant on showing Desmond the folly of trying to change things when he mind-travels. This is also why he could not save Charlie. Desmond is special only in the fact that he is the constant to the variable. He is Daniel's constant. Daniel is the variable, Daniel can change things. But for this to happen certain events have to happen in a certain way.

This is the pupose of the journal. When he first receives it from his mother it is blank. So I wondered, if we are in a loop how does he get this same journal with information. If it were from his mother we would have seen a worn journal after his graduation from Oxford. I think Richard, Elly, or Charles gets it from Jack after the Incident. The incident doesn't change anything, it was always supposed to happen. Daniel tells Jack he isn't supposed to be in 1977, that his mother was wrong. I think Daniel has finally figured out that Jack and friends belong in 2007 to help fight the war to end the loop. Problem is Daniel gets shot and can't change the past (he was probably hoping the bomb would get them to 2007 - hence Jacks false hope that the bomb erases the past).

So we get another iteration of the loop. I think what breaks the loop is MIB convincing Ben to kill Jacob. If we follow all the rules so far, Ben should not have been on 316. Ben should not be back on the island. I think MIB planned for Locke to leave the island using the frozen donkey wheel. This is the one action that never happened before. This means Locke is a wild card. Locke probably died in every iteration when he fell out of that window, but when Jacob touches Locke, he allows MIB's loophole to exist and gives Ben a way back to the island. The original loop allows Daniel time to build knowledge in his journal (as much as Jacob thinks he needs). When enough knowledge is built, Jacob touches the people he needs and MIB breaks the loop with Locke and Ben.

This allows a change in the past (since the loop is broken) and our touched losties come back to the island in a different way for the showdown. This also means that Daniel is not dead. His journal has more information. The key question is what does Daniel do with it? Does he join the fight? And if so, on which side?

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