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Juliet is the smoke monster by Jacob4Jesus

Ok, here is a theory that goes against most of the recent theories about smokie being the MIB that I've read here. If its been put out-there before, then I apologize, because I haven't seen it.

If you accept, that what happened, happened (a position that I'm on the fence about), then you could come to the view that Juliet is the smoke monster (and the MIB is not necessarily smokie), as a result of the incident. My theory is that the incident caused Juliet to fuse with the drill, crane, chains and other things pulled to the pocket of energy. Juliet's intelligence somehow fused with these things, the H-bomb and exotic energy/matter to become the smoke monster. This could also be considered the last "birth" on the island, and no one could be born on island thereafter.

Here’s my support:

First, in all the time tripping and on island flash backs, we've never seen the smoke monster before 1977. In fact, in 1977 Dharma folks seem to move pretty easily around the island with little or no fear of it. So far, the earliest scene of the smoke monster was in 1988, or so, when Rouseau's group landed on the beach. There is also the Radzinsky drawing on the hatch, that could have been put up right after the hatch was built, but no earlier.

Admittedly, the sonic fence is older than Juliet and the incident, and maybe it was specifically designed to keep back smokie (or maybe just the Others). Also the "summoning" hole that Ben used was also apparently very old, along with the icons/hieroglyphs on the stone in the judgment chamber apparently showing Annubis with something that could be the smoke monster. But who is to say those things are specifically referencing the smoke monster in the incarnation that we all know.

Second, the smoke monster's noises sound very much like the crane and chains being pulled into pocket of energy with Juliet. Chain sounds were heard when Rouseau's man was pulled under the temple wall. Even in the pilot, there was the sound of groaning metal.

Third, the smoke monster does seem more or less crane/drill size, and it must stay on the ground.

Fourth, smokie's "vents" as Radzinsky wrote on the wall do seem to be located close to and around the Swan station.

Fifth, smokie tried to pull Locke into a subterranean hole in season 1, just like Juliet, but was stopped by Jack throwing an explosive down the hole. I’d say there is a whole lot of symmetry between this and Juliet’s “death.”

Perhaps, (and I do apologize to other's b/c I know I read this somewhere on this site), Smokie had just been captured somehow in the pocket of energy in the Swan and was released partially by the incident and doesn't really embody Juliet's consciousness at all, but is still made bodily by the crane, chains, etc. from the swan pit.

Also, perhaps MIB is smokie. I think there are good arguments for this. I understand that people believe this because in the finale Flocke definitely appeared to be the MIB shown at the beginning of the episode. Further, strong hints were given that Flocke was smokie – basically all the circumstances around Ben’s judgment (e.g. Flocke and Smokie basically pulled a Superman/Clark Kent). Maybe…. or maybe just a red herring.

So basically, my theory is this: Juliet's rage/frustration shown at the end season 5, after being emotionally betrayed by Sawyer (which wasn't the first time, it had happened time after time in her life) was present in the pit. Remember the finale showed Sawyer basically falling all over himself for Kate. Also remember Juliet's flashback where her parent's announce their plans for divorce. Plus, she had a pretty awful first husband. So, Juliet was full of rage and just wanted to hit the reset switch on her life and if that didn't work she was simply ending it. All of this rage was channeled along with the drill/crane, chains, etc. to become the smoke monster that began terrorizing the island.

Perhaps, the bomb did reset the timeline, but still created smokie who is a being who can exist only in the loop timeline, even though he/it was created when the timeline exit was found.

Additional theory: At the same point, somehow Juliet's death provoked the energy from the swan, to somehow prevent women from surviving pregnancy. Juliet was, in effect, undoing her life's work (e.g. her sister) by damaging women's wombs who conceived on island . Basically, she was responsible for the very thing she was brought to the island to fix. Linking the smoke monster to the death of pregnant women is not that wild a theory if you think about Smokie trying to kill a pregnant Rouseau. Why was a pregnant woman a threat to the smoke monster in 1988 but not a big deal in 1977.

Ok, so there you go.

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