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I don't go digging through all these theories a lot so forgive me if this one exists. I had originally thought that the H-Bomb goes off and creates an alternate reality but I've been thinking... what if the bomb doesn't go off and an alternate reality is still created somehow? This would be very weird and very confusing I know but I think I've figured out a way that it makes better sense this way.

The bomb doesn't go off in my theory of course so I think that is the first thing we'll see. very anticlimactic I know BUT then maybe a flash to an alternate reality? or vice versa (The alternate reality then we see the bomb does nothing). This will leave us thinking , huh? How does that work? I thin this will be done to string us on wondering how that would actually work and I believe we won't really find out until later on. My theory is that the alternate reality is created by Ben killing Jacob. Not the act of killing! him itself but a sequence of events that follows. Remember when Ilana and co. burned down the cabin and said Jacob hadn't been there for a long time and someone else has been "using" it? This implies not only that the MiB was the one using it but that Jacob had also used it before. I believe that the cabin is what Jacob uses to move through time and leave the island and visit the Losties at pivotal moments in their lives which we've seen. Notice the way he seems to know each of the Losties at these encounters? I think this is because he's had the same encounters with them over and over again, not from a time loop, but just from using that cabin to sort of "maintain" things. I think this is why he knows exactly what happens each time though it might be slightly different but the end result is still the same. Kind of like "Oh it's Tuesday, time to travel through time and leave the island to revive John Locke" and then he comes back to island until it's time to do it again an! d he has to keep doing it. Heck, it might even be a time loop ! and MiB and Jacob are the only ones who experience it. That would explain the ominous "How did they find the island?" conversation. They have the same conversation over and over but maybe slightly different. "I don't have to ask, you brought them here!" Let's not get side tracked though, here's where the alternate reality comes in. I believe as many theorize that it's not the hatch which brings the Losties to the island, it's Jacob's touch. I mean c'mon now, if the hatch crashed Flight 815, how come Ajira crashed? I think that when Jacob is killed that prevents him from being able to have his scheduled encounters with the Losties and therefore prevents Flight 815 from crashing and crates alternate reality somehow, maybe, I haven't figured out that part yet. I'm also almost certain that MiB's loophole was telling Richard to give Past Locke the compass and to tell Past Locke what to do next. That was part of the loophole and he used the cabin to accomplish it. He also likely used the ! cabin for other occurrences which furthered his plan. Why is he doing this? maybe because by creating an alternate reality or resetting time he can finally rid the island of everyone and be at peace again. Or maybe he wants prevent Charlie from dying because he's a big Drive Shaft fan, I don't know, all I do know is he wants the time line changed for whatever reason. I also think this may be how dead people are seen off the island. There is obviously more info needed to figure out all the odds and ends of this theory so if things start to lean toward my way of thinking I will post this again based on more clues given after some new episodes further air. That is unless of course the bomb DOES go off or there is no alternate reality to be seen in the premiere. Then I guess I'll need a new theory or I'll have to just rework this one.

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