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Time Continues Onward from '77 by drcshel

After re-watching ‘The Variable’ I have some questions about what originally happened in 1977.

Daniel originally believed the purported account that The Incident occurred when scientists tapped in to the energy source, causing a catastrophic release of energy. His premise was that if this never occurred and the hydrogen bomb went off instead, then the past (or future, however you decide to word it!) could be changed. Oceanic 815 would never crash, Daniel would never be part of the freighter people, Charlotte wouldn’t have “died,” etc., according to Daniel. We all know what happened, though: Ellie shot him and Daniel’s dying conclusion was that she had known all along what would happen (although this appears to be true, don’t forget she told Penny, “for the first time in a long time, I don’t know what’s going to happen.”)

I am left with two options: 1) Daniel was originally correct and the hydrogen bomb would change the next events, allowing the past to be undone. Eloise raised her son in an attempt to change the past. OR 2) The Incident was indeed the hydrogen bomb going off and that it had always been what happened in 1977. Eloise had always known that she would kill Daniel, but for some reason yet unknown, sent him back anyway.

If theory #2 is correct, I am left with many questions. IF The Incident was indeed Juliet detonating Jughead, then we might be looking at a storyline that goes from 1977 forward. More specifically, most of the Losties survive 1977 and time continues forward (in its Island way). Flight 815 lands when 2004 rolls around again. Either Jughead was successful in preventing the need for a Hatch and button, or the Losties intervene to stop 815 from crashing. Everything seems to be heading to a culmination in the year 2007, where the other Losties and Jacob storyline is centered. Perhaps everything will come to a head then and we will have our final conclusion. Obviously this raises more questions than answers. But it’s one way it could happen. What ends up happening will probably be something beyond my imagination, though.

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